Retreat Locations

The following listing of retreat locations in lower Michigan is offered as a service to our readers, although the facilities are not directly connected to the Spiritual Directors Network.

Directed Retreats at the Dominican Center for Religious Development

The Dominican Center for Religious Development in Detroit, Michigan, offers several directed retreats each year in which the retreatant comes away for a period of quiet time with God. The retreatant is seen daily by a retreat director who listens attentively to the retreatant’s experience of prayer and strives to facilitate a deepening of the retreatant’s relationship with God. A retreat of this kind is usually a week in length, though it may be longer, and the prayer material selected is ordinarily based upon Christian scripture.

Directed Retreats at the Dominican Center at Marywood

The Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers a contemplative environment for those desiring retreat at a comfortable driving distance. A unique setting for retreat, Dominican Center is a spirituality center which reserves a few overnight rooms in a very quiet atmosphere for a time to ponder, a time for silence and solitude, and/or a time for reflective study, meditation and prayer, Dominican Center offers a day or a few days during which the ordinary rhythms of life are stilled into the simplicity of a retreat.

Directed and Contemplative Retreats at St. Francis Retreat Center in Dewitt

Their purpose is to provide a peaceful sanctuary for your spiritual journey…not only for the Roman Catholic Community of faith, but “for all those who seek the Lord’s Grace and Countenance.” The Center is situated on 95 acres of gently rolling hills and pine grove. For further information, or to schedule a retreat, call (866) 669-8321.